Randy Brunelle- Goes Again In Sportsman Innovated Action At Evans Mills

EVANS MILLS, NY – the most competitive race night of the new 2019 season took place on Saturday, December 18.

A new process has been introduced to define the configuration of features in each class. The winner of the first heat of the class was invited to the surface of the track during the break and drew a figure to signal the number of reversed cars for the feature.

Josh Verne Jr. drew No. 5 for the Serv-Pro Thunderbock/Sport Compact, while Colby Felber drew No. 7 for the Lafave Automotive/Race one Inex Legends. It was Sotheby’s first win in the Legends at Evans Mills. In the overall standings, the Spaniard is ahead of Spain’s Fernando Alonso (Ferrari) and France’s Kimi Raikkonen (Red Bull).

Tonight’s novelty was the addition of a” sticky” outdoor track, maintained by dropping rubber during the week by the newly named Cheney Tire Racemaker. The Racemaker uses an inverted tire to place the rubber on the track. In the turns, a sticky substance similar to the Track Tack was added in the outer groove. The results were a bit mixed as some thought the track was too high, while others thought the track temperatures were still too cold. However, there seemed to be more competition in feature races than on previous nights.

Amanda Dafoe triumphantly returned to Evans Mills by chasing Craig Caskinette in the sport compact feature, then passing through to dominate for feature’s victory. Justin Pope was first on the line in the Thunderstock Serv-Pro class. Luke Lebrun was rewarded with victory in the Legends class after the 5 1/2 ride of the Newtown MA family. The young driver was very professional on victory lane, as he thanked his sponsors and the track for their work and support. It was the second straight win for Malone’s Randy Brunelle # 007 in the Ford modifieds Caskinette. Randy and Chuck Meyer engage in a fierce struggle for leadership, Randy came out with a dozen rounds.

The dreaded full moon effect did not have too much impact on the night of the race, although there was some damage. Corey Trombley in the # 006 thunked the wall pretty good nose first and retired for the night. Mason Spencer in the # 30 lost a clutch bearing and parked for the night.

It was a beautiful night of racing on the night of the armed forces with the sponsorship of Caskinette Ford. See you on May 15 at 6: 45 pm with a full promotional card with the classic Asphalt Modified Series Racing, which occurs this Memorial Day weekend.