Larry Welling- Waits For Win At Evans Mills Raceway Park

EVANS MILLS, NY-Evans Mills Raceway Park won the double jackpot with the race program at the Superior Propane and Griffith Oil night on July 28, 2019. first, the track had its biggest crowd of the season-on a regular race night, no less – and second, the race action was one of the best of the year. The Fans flocked to the track on a beautiful summer night and were not disappointed. It was also the night of the drivers ‘ championship, all CDL holders were admitted free of charge. Gilco Trucking had attached a Freightliner Cascadia 2019 with a Heil 2016 Tanker on Display. The first Student had a Bus with great gifts, Doug Fetterly had 2 beautiful tractor trailers and Cargil staff enjoyed an evening at Evans Mills raceway Park with food and refreshments.

Another feature was a head-to-head race of spectators during the break between seven participants. The animated competition featured various cars and trucks fighting one lap at a time between two drivers, with the winner advancing to the next round. At the end of the race it was Chris Rombough in victory lane with his Subaru STI 2006.

The order of functions was slightly changed when the Fidelis Care Inex labels took the track for Feature # 1. Chris Malbeuf, winner of Heat, shot the # 3 Stick for a three-car reverse. Unfortunately, the dislike behind his ugly head would be back for legends, as only three of the six cars have finished the race. Brianne Gilligan in their new repaired # 33 led most of the way on Chris Malbeuf in # 10 and Josh Marchese in #31. There was a considerable distance between the first three cars with only a handful of revolutions to do when a turn on the back of the field brought the first restriction. The race has changed completely after this point. During the recovery Malbeuf and Marchese were accompanied by Gilligan when the caution flew again. This time at recovery, Marchese and Malbeuf met in the first turn and Gilligan, Zach Anderson and Cole Perry all made a loop in the turn. Only Anderson and Perry were able to continue behind Marchese. In the end it was Josh Marchese who won his third feature film in a row, Zach Anderson second and Cole Perry third, the best result of the year for the two young pilots.

The biggest field this year for Ford’s Caskinette modifications was the following with 16 cars roaring out of Turn Four for Brad Berry’s green flag. Corey Trombley in # 006 held his head early, but when Steve Fuchs chose the outside lane on a restart in #4, the heat was on. Round after round went with Trombley and Fox side by side, giving one more thumb. Fuchs was faster in the third turn and only shot in front to see Trombley withdraw his hand from the fourth turn and retain the lead. Another caveat has created a sizzling restart with several cars now running side by side for several laps. The winner of the first round Larry Welling Jr. drew the # 6 for the reversal that brought him back to sixth place on the grid, but he began to move forward. A big shuffle took place when Welling got from Fox and then Trombley spent outside for the head. Mike Ramos in # 09 followed him and the Rest of the race featured a cliffhanger between Welling and Ramos. On a restart with two laps to do, Ramos chose the outside lane, but Welling came out of Turn Two to hold a little faster for the win. Ramos was second, followed by Trombley in the # 006, Steve Fuchs in the # 4 and Chad Blair sneaking in for fifth place in the #6.

The last feature of the evening was between competitors Sport Compact and Serve pro Thunderstock. Craig Caskinette in the #19 and Chuck Powelczyk in the # 17 were bumper to bumper the whole race, with Powelczyk sneaking into the bottom lane several times, but couldn’t get by Caskinette. In the end, Caskinette sat down again for the compact Sport, while Josh Verne Jr.won another win in Thunderstocks Pro service with Josh Verne Sr. right behind him.

The buzzing crowd left the track and talked to each other about the incredible race night they had just experienced. At Evans Mills Raceway Park, the asphalt races are back on track. Saturday, August. 3 is the big Show of Monster Truck in the afternoon. Fans are reminded to be careful when parking in rows, as there will be a very large crowd for this event. There will be no racing program Saturday evening August. 3.the next race night is Saturday August. 10, evening autograph family under the auspices of Watertown Savings Bank. So bring the family for warm and fresh food, at a reasonable price, clean and friendly. Evans Mills Raceway Park has made its move and hopes to see racing fans back at the races!