Larry Welling Takes Innovated Event Win At Evans Mills

EVANS MILLS, N.Y. – It was an extreme night at Evans Mills Raceway Park when the New York SuperStocks traveled to town to join the other classes at the S & R Automotive circuit and Caskinette Ford night. From the opening at 4 p.m., a long line formed at the pit window, and fans continued to roll into the stands for another” biggest crowd of the season ” night. Unfortunately, rain would play a factor and make it the longest show of the year.

60 race cars were in the pit zone, slightly a season high. After an exciting opening, during which active and retired servicemen carried an oversized American flag around the track to raise money for the Intrepid Fallen Heroes Fund, compact sports and Pro Thunderstocks ran their heat races. Shortly after the start of the first heat race for Fidelis Care Inex legends, rain began to fall. The circuit management did not wave and assured everyone that they were waiting for the rain and that they would run for all the fans and teams who had traveled from afar. Rain and drying of the track caused a delay of more than two hours, which made the crowd a little thinner, but those who stayed saw great races.

The first feature of the night, for Sports Compacts and served by Thunderstocks and consisted of 13 cars, a season high. Craig Caskinette drove in his second win, Chuck Powelcyzk finished second in the # 17 and Amanda Dafoe third in the #61. Josh Verne-Jr. in the #1v, the Serv Pro Thunderstock won a game. Justin Pope had a good run, as a late finish on the track put him in the back, but he moved all the way forward to finish second in the #100.

The Caskinette Ford modifieds were next in a 15-car race, another season high with several drivers making their first appearance at Evans Mills, including Taylor Caprara in the # 126, Casey Sykes in the #1, Geoff Sharkey in the #66, Levi Arthur in the #25 and Jacob Matzel in the #18. Larry Welling Jr. in only his second race on the modified pavement # 48 Mason Spencer held in the #30 for victory. Welling is a former Evans Mills track on the dirt champion (2005) and channeled his success on the macadam.

The 50-lap race at NY SuperStock was a barnburner, where a local driver took over for the second year in a row on the 23-car field. The skill of the driver played a big role, because the long race on a smooth track gave tires, and the cars were difficult to handle at the end of the laps. Dylan Bancroft in the # 91 and Andy Cryan in the #09 traded the lead a few times with Bancroft for the win. It was a lively celebration in victory lane between father Ray Bancroft and son Dylan. Zach Willis in the # 75 finished the podium with a third place. Points leader Nick Robinson in the # 15 became fourth after leading much of the race.

The final of the night was the 20 round Fidelis Care Inex Legend feature. It was driven after midnight and there were several precautions and accidents, the worst of which occurred on the stretch front when Brad Salatino’s #13 turned and Frank Sibley Jr.’s #92.5.which almost passed on its roof. It was the first night on the track for both riders. 9 cars started the function, but only 4 finished. Josh Marchese in the # 31 took his first win of the year. The circuit management thanked the fans for their patience when the show ended at 12.42 pm and many fans stayed until the end.

The next race night is Saturday July 20 with the first annual Nicole Berry-Garnsey Memorial ovarian cancer awareness night, sponsored by Carthage Area hospital and Caskinette Ford. Wear teal on the track to show your support!