Corey Trombley gets a huge win At Evans Mills

EVANS MILLS-NY – after a rain unrestrained on September. 7, a sunny sky greeted fans on a Saturday night, Sept. 14 at Evans Mills Raceway Park sponsored by Caskinette Ford. During the break, a number of children’s prizes were awarded, and the chalk drawings on the sidewalk on the new blacktop behind the stands showed very creative works of art. The newly renovated “Checkers Bar” was also opened for the first time.


The draw during the break for Feature inversions showed that all four classes drew #1, which means a one-to-one Start in all Features. It was the first time this has happened this season at Evans Mills Raceway Park. Josh Verne won the first feature film of the night in the compact Sport class in the car “X” despite the strong pressure of Trevor Halliday in the #61.

Second, the debut of a new division, a six – cylinder “Stinger” class with cars that are completely in stock, with the exception of some safety changes in the seat and seat belt system. Megan Golden in # 07 took the lead in the opening laps, but the field became much tighter as the end of the race approached. Golden held on for the win with Adam Flieler in # 5 and Mike Freeman in #14 completing the podium. All competitors stopped at victory lane for an introductory photo, with one competitor commenting that it was standard practice for this division’s races to get closer in the final laps. The Stinger-class is expected to be a regular division in the season 2020.

The third feature was the Grand National Qualifying Race Fidelis Care Inex Legends, in which several drivers from Canada crossed the border to make it a whole field of cars. Andre Fiorini in # 7 held his head early until a Multi-car crash removed Kevin Foisys #57. Despite several cars involved, all cars, with the exception of Foisy, were able to return. Daniel Carter in the # 83 was able to get a restart from Fiorini and later began to get a strong pressure from the #14 of Coleby Felber. After surviving a few times, it was Carter with the big win, followed by Felber, Canadian Matt Haufe in # 19 and Chris Malbeuf in #10 with a nice 4th place after starting from the back and getting caught in one of the warnings.

The modified function of Caskinette Ford turned green for 29 of the 30 revolutions. Randy karl friedrich schreiber: in # 007 and Geoff Sharkey in # 66 were in the class of the terrain, while the two pilots distanced themselves from the whole world. Unfortunately, the two came together in the last lap and both would go after a yellow flag in the back of the peloton. This allowed Steve Fuchse’s # 4 to bypass the # 006 of Corey Trombley, who had inherited the head. There would still be a restart and a chance for Fuchs, but Trombley would win the race and get a guaranteed starting place in the next weeks John Burr Memorial Classic. Brad Winters was third in # 92, Jason Dinzler fourth in # 37 and Chad Blair fifth in #6.

Next week, Saturday, seven. 21, the first Classic annual JOHN BURR, presented by Excel tower services and Dick Meyer Trucking, will feature four divisions, fast racing with the compact sports, Super stocks, Oswego Small Block Super Modieds and Caskinette Ford Modieds closed the evening with a 2000-earn 75 Tour feature. The entire evening will be dedicated to the memory of John Burr, who was an original announcer at Evans Mills in 1967 and returned to start the 2019 season by announcing from the booth of the TJ Toyota tower. For this last race, lap sponsorships are offered and distributed over the entire terrain. The doors open a little earlier than usual to accommodate extra runs and cooler nights. The doors of the booths open at 3pm, general admission at 4pm and the race starts at 5.30 pm Visit the Evans Mills Raceway Park Facebook page for more Details. It will be a great evening!